Can the progression of CKD stages be slowed down?

Many doctors are starting to realize how important it is to take measures to stop or even reverse the progression of CKD stages. The five CKD stages are a method of illustrating how quickly your kidneys are deteriorating as a result of kidney disease. To learn more about CKD and its stages visit CKD stages.

What causes CKD stages to progress?

The progression is usually caused and started by your own body. That’s why CKD is often labeled as an autoimmune disease. Other possible causes are toxins or food poisoning. The intake of medication can also damage both your kidneys and your liver. All of this can be diagnosed by a kidney specialist. One of the most important things that all kidney disease patients need to do is to start eating properly to prevent any further progression of the condition. Kidney disease usually progresses very slowly and it can take years before it reaches stage five.

The problem is that the condition often causes other diseases, which result from the high level of toxins in the blood. The liver and the kidneys are related, because they both filter toxins from your blood. You need to be very careful when treating chronic kidney disease with medication – this can damage both your liver and your kidneys. Usually, most drugs are designed to stop the symptoms of the condition, but the unfortunate thing is that they often make the disease even worse in the long run.

If you suspect that your disease is progressing and reaching the next of the five CKD stages, you should immediately consult a doctor, who has years of experience with kidney failure. It is possible to reverse the disease at any point or stage, but in order to do that you need to eat a proper diet. Drinking and taking medication can often speed up the progression further.


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